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Willow Tree Stables offers English and Western Riding lessons for adults and children.  We are proud to have as our primary Trainer / Instructor Patricia Yates who has been influential in the growth of Willow Tree Stables for 14 years.  Tricia has enhanced her own development by investing time and energy in her education through Art2Ride, a philosophy developed by Will Farber and Karen Lashbough.  Because of Tricia’s commitment and ability, Art2Ride has asked her to become the Northern California representative.  Willow Tree Stables embraces the Art2Ride philosophy along with HIPPOH foundation (Horse Industry Professionals Protecting Our Horses) because solid foundation training and good riding is just one aspect of good horsemanship.

Meet the people of Willow Tree Stables

Patricia Yates:  

Tricia has been an instructor at WTS for 14 years.  Tricia excels at providing the inexperienced and intermediate rider a comprehensive and well balanced riding lesson.  Tricia instinctively understands where a student’s needs are and works hard to create a rider whose equitation is balanced, proficient and safe as well as developing the feel and respect every horse deserves.

Tricia was born in England and grew up riding any pony she could get her hands on.  She was soon allowed to ride horses that others had trouble handling, turning those “bad” horses into manageable mounts.  When Tricia moved to the US she continued her quest to improve her riding skill. While riding and teaching at WTS, Tricia enrolled with an offsite Dressage trainer who encouraged her to enter competition with her own horse that she schooled to 4th level.   Unfortunately, due to the loss of her TB gelding, Tricia’s career in the show arena has been put on hold.   Forging ahead, and after researching the proper development of the horse, Tricia fell in step with Will Farber of Art2Ride and was soon offered the position as the Art2Ride’s Northern California representative.  Tricia felt that the philosophy of Art2Ride, which advocates taking time to condition a horse physically and mentally, encouraging the horse to use its back and to truly understand the art of collection and engagement, is a worthy investment.  Tricia believes and strives to make it possible for any horse to be strengthened and ridden correctly as to promote a long and healthy horse and rider partnership.   Tricia has also worked extensively with Mark Rashed and Brian Neubert who have helped to bring insight into her training.  

Tricia trains and teaches at WTS Tuesdays through Saturdays where she has a number of horses who are currently in training and a student calendar that has limited openings.


Monte Kruger:  Owner / Manager

Monte has owned and operated Willow Tree Stables with her husband Curt for 16 years.  Monte grew up riding horses on miles of trails in Southern Marin. After a long and successful horse show career, Monte went back to her love of trail riding where she continues to explore the vast open spaces of Marin and every once in a while dabbles in Cowboy or Classical Dressage with her horse Cabo Wabo.  With over 50 years of experience in horses, Monte has the knowledge and experience to run a safe and well managed stable that is home to 120 horses.  She has created a casual and friendly riding environment at Willow Tree Stables, home to trail riders, Dressage riders and families who all share the love of their horses and look for healthy ways to interact in the arena and out on the trail.   
Curt and Monte are also deeply involved in the preservation of Marin’s Open Space through their involvement with The Marin Horse Council, Trail Partners and the Novato Horsemen.    



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Group and Private Lessons Tuesday thru Sunday

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