Sales and Sponsorship


ponsorship is a good way to get into riding before you commit to owning a horse of your own. Sponsorship allows you the freedom of riding a horse if time restraints don't allow ownership. Sponsorship can be flexible to fit into your leisure time. Our horses are safe and fun to ride. They are familiar with the trails and easy to handle on the ground. In conjunction with lessons it's a great way to get started riding.

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We offer two levels of Sponsorship:

½ Sponsor @ $220 /Month

This allows 4 hours of riding per week.

Full Sponsor @ $400 / Month (plus shoeing and ½ cost of medication)

This allows 8 hours of riding per week.

Each sponsor must be approved by the Willow Tree Stables staff through the lesson program until the appropriate horse and rider combination is found.

Privately owned horses available for sponsor.

Tack for Sale

  • Saddles
  • Trailers
  • Services


Please print out and bring your completed release form with you. 

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